Stache RIO (Rig in One)


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  • No Battery. No Coil. No Problem.
  • Glass Bubbler with Disc Perc (14mm Female)
  • Quartz Banger (14mm Male)
  • Rig In One Resin Base (available in various colors)
  • Torch with overflow valve (butane not included)
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Dab Tool
  • High quality zip up carrying case with EVA foam
  • Multiple colors available
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The Rig In One is a fully modular all-inclusive dab rig that is perfect for cold starts. The glass dab rig sits in a swirled resin base with a torch lighter oriented with the flame right on the bottom of the quartz banger.

Features a disc-style percolator for filtration and includes a glass carb cap. Everything comes packaged in a hard shell zippered case with protective foam. Includes silicone travel plugs so users can keep the rig filled with water. The plugs can also be used to help clean the rig by keeping the cleaning solution inside.

Cold starts are done by dropping your dab into a clean quartz nail before it’s hot and then slowly heating it up. Put the carb cap on and wait until the concentrate begins to bubble and turn into a vapor. Turn off the torch and turn the carb cap as you inhale. This method allows users to get more flavorful hits than traditional dabbing methods.

The Rig In One Fully Modular Portable Dab Rig is new and improved from its previous version with a chic carb cap design, sleeker banger, modernized torch component, and reinforced plastic case for added safety and security.


Pink Swirl, Red Swirl, Black & White Swirl, Purple Swirl, Blue Swirl, Teal Swirl, Green Swirl


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