Pod Juice 30ml


Pod Juice offers the ultimate salt nic juice solution for low-wattage devices. Smooth and satisfying juice is always created and tested in an FDA-compliant, ISO laboratory in sunny LA. It’s free of benzoic acid and meticulously handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients for unparalleled smoothness and flavor. Experience the difference for yourself.

They’re proud to be the original nicotine salt brand. They revolutionized the industry with the first-ever 55mg smooth salt nic line for pod systems. Today, they continue to expand on their original offerings, consistently delivering the most delicious and innovative flavors in both disposable and bottled formats.

Pod Juice is committed to fighting Big Tobacco and helping smokers to quit for good. Our highly concentrated 55mg salt nicotine solutions deliver a powerful vaping experience impressively similar to smoking analog cigarettes. Smooth, satisfying, and remarkably potent, once you try salt nic juice, you’ll never go back. Finally, a viable cigarette substitute that smokers can count on to satiate serious cravings.

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35mg, 55mg


Aloe Berry Grape Freeze, Aloe Grape, Berry Watermelon, Blue Razz Jam, Blue Razz Lemonade, Blue Razz Slushy, Blueberry Muffin, Churros, Clear, Cookie & Cream, FREEZE Banana, FREEZE Blue Razz Slushy, FREEZE Cola, FREEZE Frozen Strawberry, FREEZE Fuji Apple, FREEZE Grape Chew, FREEZE Peach, FREEZE Pineapple Lemonade Slushy, FREEZE Strawberry Banana, FREEZE Strawberry Kiwi, Graham Cracker, Golden Custard, Hawaiian, HYDE Blue Razz Cotton Carnival, HYDE Blue Razz Freeze, HYDE Desserts Lemon Bar, HYDE FREEZE Fuji Apple, HYDE FREEZE Pear Peach, HYDE FREEZE Jewel Mango, HYDE Pink Lemonade, HYDE Strawberry Mango Dragonfruit, HYDE Tropical Nectar, JEWEL Mango, JEWEL Menthol, JEWEL Mint Diamond, JEWEL Mint Ice, JEWEL Mint Lush, JEWEL Mint Sapphire, JEWEL Mint, JEWEL Tobacco, Lemon Sugar Cookie, Strawberry Apple Nectarine, Strawberry Apple Watermelon, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Kiwi, Vanilla Custard Tobacco, Watermelon Blast, Juicy Apple, Savage Patch, Grape Chew Ice, Strawberry Lemonade, Pod Energy, Melon Breeze, Peach Burst, Strawberry Beltz, Blue Raspberry, Fuji Apple Ice, FREEZE Pod Energy, Lychee Ice, Banana Ice, Tangerine Ice, Berry Watermelon Chilled, FREEZE Blue Razz Lemonade, Loops, Strawberry Dream, Bangin Blue Razz, Strawberry Banana, Sakura Grape, Jewel Malibu Mint, Starzz, Kiwi Dragon Berry, Peach BErry, FREEZE Rainbow, FREEZE Fruity Bears


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